Ecofisiología, Facultad de Ciencias Biológicas de la Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León
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Conduct basic research básica on molecular, biochemical and physiological aspects of aquatic organisms in order to achieve their domestication for comercial cultivation and/or restockings of natural population.


Contribute to the welfare of society through scientific research, technological innovation and development of human resource, in biological conservation and sustainable management of natural resources.


Constantly seek for quality and excellence in order to prevail as a reference group, national and internationally, in research on physiological and ecological aspects of aquatic organisms.

Research lines

Physiological and ecological aspects of fishes and crustacea of Northeast Mexico

  • Ecology, reproduction and conservation of endangered species
  • Reproduction of Atractosteus spatula: establishment  of cycle type of secondary vitellogenesis for the assessment of protocols of sexual maturity induction protocols
  • Effects of hormones (GH, TSH, Ty T4) on alligator gar broodstock aimed to increase larval survival and vigor

Actions of prevention, control and eradication of acuatic invasive species

  • Risk analysis of exotic species with invasive potential
  • Establishment of monosexual population of potentially invasive exotic fishes
  • Utilization de pheromones for selective capture of exotic crustaceans

Domestication of species for aquaculture and nutrition of fish and crustaceans

Aquaponics: self-sustaining fish culture

  • Intensive production of fishes and  vegetablesde in aquaponic culture
  • Methane production
  • Fish hydrolyzate production as food for fish larvae
  • Extruded soy-fish as food for juvenile
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